Working with Nature

I like to work with nature whenever I can. To pull a very obnoxious weed, as some might refer to it as, is too much work when it makes a great ground cover! Things like Clover and Creeping Charlie are welcome in  My garden for the most part. I’ll pull some out for new plants. Then I’ll let it fill back in. In return they help me control other things I don’t want, like grass, or any fast growing weed that does more harm than good. Some weed are bad but I’m happy to learn the good some can do for my garden and just letting nature do her thing!

I’m also working with nature by putting seedlings​ outside on cloudy days instead of having to bring them in and out so much while acclimating them to being outside. This helps so much when my sun room for my seedling is upstairs.I like mother nature, and it’s alot easier to work with her then fight her. I’d love to here about other ideas, ways that others have worked with nature in the garden and I might give it a try in mine. Please leave me a comment if you have something that might peak my interest. Thanks for reading 🙂 


Happy first day of Spring!!!

Yay! It is officially spring! We had a thunder storm last night and everything that is budding out and peaking out of the ground is going to love all that rain. Inside I have so many seedling doing well so, I am happy about that! I am happy that I can officially say it is spring! I will be having a plant sale on Earth Day which is still a little over a month away but is at my home in Central City, IA! It will be theme towards planting for the bees! For more info on that please visit Lollys Plants -FB Page


After some quick research I have come to the conclusion that my garden spot has Burdock in it. Burdock is a biennial and related to the Dandelion. This picture is not from my garden as mine is just coming up now and I’m keeping it cut back.After digging up one root, me and burdock were NOT friends.

     Last year it grew and grew and I didn’t mind it much. I became too pregnant to worry about weeds. Although… The burdock did grow large and irritated me a bit, it was what it was. Even when not pregnant I am not one to pull every “weed” I see. After all, some things we label weeds can benefit the garden. I suppose even this obnoxious Burdock done my garden some good. I know its big leaves covered the ground and enhanced my soil and incouraged worms into that area. That’s a plus. 

     Maybe it’s not so bad after all, especially since I learned it’s not really nessary to dig out the roots, which can go about three feet down. Thank goodness for that. Although, the choice is yours because both the roots and leaves are edible and are prized for many benefits, including blood purifying and hair and skin tonic. Wow, im kinda liking it know, but not sure I’m gonna go out and harvest just yet as I would not know what to do with it. Since I do not want it in my garden I will keep it cut back to the ground till it stops coming up and I will not have to work so hard digging up those roots. Since it’s a biennial it survives for two years and will flower and create its seeds the second year and when it’s done it dies. So if I kill it before it flowers it should die and not spread. 

     I hope to continue to learn more about Burdock it’s uses. Maybe one day I will not mind digging up the roots so much. I enjoy learning about food and medicine that can be found  growing wild in nature. Have you ever ate Burdock or used it in any way? Please let me know in the comments, and happy gardening!

The end of a great year.

Just a little flashback. I don’t know where all my garden pics went from last year but I do have some from fall; here are a few. I had a great year… I was pregnant for most of it! I had a beautiful baby girl in August and that makes three babies for me and my first girl! My oldest boy is about to turn five!!! I struggled with keeping my garden up but I still enjoyed it as much as I could!

Welcome to Lollys’ Garden

HI, and welcome! I created this site to show off my garden and update you all on my gardening adventures! I love starting plants from seeds and watching them grow. I’m pretty passionate about heirloom varieties and I strive to keeps things as organic as possible. I always go over the top when I start my seeds and never can find room for all the plant babies in my own garden. There for, this year I plan on starting as many of my seeds as possible and offering any I do not find a home for in my own garden at my locals farmers market as well as sell any extra produce my garden produces. I have a small urban lot in Central City, Iowa (pretty close to Cedar Rapids) so that’s likely to be a lot! I am so excited for spring to come! I want to have a bigger garden this year than last and I have a lot of work ahead of me! I will be trying my hand at a little garden photography too, and I will share my worthy pictures here. COME ON SPRING!