Working with Nature

I like to work with nature whenever I can. To pull a very obnoxious weed, as some might refer to it as, is too much work when it makes a great ground cover! Things like Clover and Creeping Charlie are welcome in  My garden for the most part. I’ll pull some out for new plants. Then I’ll let it fill back in. In return they help me control other things I don’t want, like grass, or any fast growing weed that does more harm than good. Some weed are bad but I’m happy to learn the good some can do for my garden and just letting nature do her thing!

I’m also working with nature by putting seedlings outside on cloudy days instead of having to bring them in and out so much while acclimating them to being outside. This helps so much when my sun room for my seedling is upstairs.I like mother nature, and it’s alot easier to work with her then fight her. I’d love to here about other ideas, ways that others have worked with nature in the garden and I might give it a try in mine. Please leave me a comment if you have something that might peak my interest. Thanks for reading 🙂