Parsley Sprouts!

DSCN2496.JPG¬†I had to get started growing something and so I did ūüôā¬†My parsley sprouts are doing great and I’m loving watching them grow!!!¬†These little guys are taking some of the gloom out of the winter!!!


Welcome to Lollys’ Garden

HI, and welcome! I created this site to show off my garden and update you all on my gardening adventures! I love¬†starting plants from seeds and watching¬†them grow. I’m pretty passionate about¬†heirloom varieties and I¬†strive to keeps things as organic as possible.¬†I¬†always¬†go over the top when I start my seeds and¬†never can find room for all the plant babies in my own garden. There for, this year¬†I plan on starting as many of my¬†seeds as possible and¬†offering¬†any I do not find a home for in my own garden¬†at my locals farmers market as well as sell any extra produce my garden produces. I have a small urban lot¬†in Central City, Iowa (pretty close to Cedar Rapids) so that’s likely to be a lot! I am so excited for spring to come! I want to have a bigger garden this year than last and I have a lot of work ahead of me! I will be trying my hand at a little garden photography too, and I will share my worthy pictures here. COME ON SPRING!